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Header Image Alexa Rohn
The only thing that changes faster than social media is most likely your underwear. I leverage the changes & trends so your brand stays ahead of the pack.
Communicate with your customers with style and custom copy that excites, inspires & entices them. I write in your brands voice, just with a bit of extra sparkle & sass.
Never run short on content with custom infographics, short videos, blogs, articles, printables & more. All I need is the vision, concept, or outline. Ok… & maybe a few cups of coffee.
Define your brand’s “look” without a second mortgage. Beautiful imagery highlights your brand story in action, with images tailored especially for social & sharing. 

I’m Alexa, & I’m a social media marketing specialist.

I love creating holistic social media strategies & experiences.

I help your customers relate and bond with your brand story & mission statement when we work together. It’s not enough for your customers to just “get” you, lets help them be ambassadors for the cause.

At the end of the day what you really get is a vibrant community of fans of your brand, because I’m more than just a social media specialist, I’m a kickass content creator & community builder.

When I work with companies, I am creating a world where people connect authentically with brands & where marketers dont get in the way of normal folks enjoying media.

How to Waste Money on Social

Social holds the reputation of being an inexpensive form of social marketing. I have celebrated this in the past, yet it comes with a big "but" (and I cannot lie). The caveat is, unless you are building relationships and regularly posting great content, you are...

Follow me on Instagram? How about no.

The last time there was a raging uproar over Instagram was when they culled the bots & fake followers, leaving countless fragile wounded egos in their wake. Until last month. Surely we saw this coming when Facebook acquired Instagram for a cool $1 billion dollars...

Contagious – What Makes Things Catch On?

What makes something contagious? I don't mean the cold or flu, where contact causes sharing & a sneeze. I mean the sharing of knowledge, cultural memes or just general content sharing. Jonah Berger is a Wharton marketing professor, and his book Contagious covers...

Beware The Vanity Metrics

You’re so vain, I bet you think this post is about you. Ok, I lied, it sort of is. Ever wondered what value a “like”, “follow”, or “retweet” really holds? It’s not a surprise that these metrics can be a bit contentious. It’s not as if someone clicking on that...

No Money, No Problem…wait, what?

A huge perk of social marketing is the absurdly low overhead to start compared to traditional digital & print marketing. Aka….basically zero. Sure, many platforms have algorithms that make it “pay to play” if you want to reach more of your audience (looking at you...