From yourself.

From the world.

and most importantly…

From doing work that you LOVE.

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Hi, I’m Alexa!

I teach boss babes how to develop a brand, find their voice, and share their work with the world.

I also ship daily.

This means I create a piece of content and publish it, every single day.

I write about strategies for growing your brand and share inspiration to get you started putting your content & ideas out in the world too.

I don’t want to overwhelm your inbox with daily content (although you have the option to switch to daily if that’s more your speed), so I send out a weekly round-up of the content I produce and you can pick the ones that call to you most to read!

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Your most valuable marketing asset, is you

Your most valuable marketing asset is yourself, and your ability (and willingness) to show up publicly. You probably already know you should be doing things like making content, and talking about your work, but are you? I had a funny conversation with a fellow...

Feeling misunderstand? Your brand might be at fault

Do you make it easy for people to “get you” and “get what you do” online? (aka, your brand) Often, the issue isn’t other people, it’s how you position yourself, describe what you do, and what you share. Sorry if you were hoping for one of those "it's not you, it’s...

Most “broken” things can be fixed, if you try

Our house has this lovely, functional coffee table we made that we adore. The thick slab of wood has mega character and the steel hairpin legs were welded by a gorgeous southern belle somewhere in Georgia. (Shown below in front of the couch at our place...

There are few things that make me crazier than untapped potential.

Not undiscovered, just untouched. You know you have it, you just haven’t done anything about it.

Are you one of those people hiding? Either from yourself, or from the world at large? When people you know discover their passion & leap into action with gusto, do you wish you could do that too? What will it take to get you inspired to action? Please don’t be one of those people who needs a near death experience to get there…

If you don’t know how to tell people about the work you do, or want to do, I’m your gal.

If you aren’t enjoying your work and want change but aren’t sure the next steps, I can help with that too.

I spent ages soul-searching with myself to discover the work that I LOVE to do. The work I leap out of bed for each morning with no alarm or snooze button in sight. It took me a while, but lucky for you I discovered methods that will help you find your calling in a fraction of the time it took me!

Let’s talk about your project & your dreams, send me a message and we can find time to discuss!


Your website can be as beautiful and functional as a big brand’s website.

I build stylish responsive websites, fast and affordably. Interested in a custom WordPress theme? Let me know!

Communicate with your customers with style and custom copy that builds trust, inspires, & entices them.

I teach you tactics to effectively communicate your message. Let’s make it easy for your fans & customers to adore you!

Never run short on content. I create custom infographics, short videos, blogs, articles, printables & more.

We’ll brainstorm the best types of content & delivery methods for your audience.  All I need is the vision, concept, or outline. Ok…   maybe a few cups of coffee too.

Define your brand’s “look” without a second mortgage. I help you curate or create beautiful images that highlight your brand story in action, with images tailored especially for social & sharing. 

Your brand will have a look that your fans will know from a mile away.

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